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Founded in 2019, FUNSports is a non-profit organisation that provides kids with limited resources free access to a range of sports. With the help of volunteers, community partners, and Halifax’s professional athletes, we work to provide every child with the opportunity to play.

Access for All

One-third of Canadian parents with children under the age of 18 are unable to register their children in organised sports due to the high cost. With more than 37,000 children living in poverty, many Nova Scotia kids won’t get to experience the positive benefits of sport.

The Power of Sport

It’s no secret that children benefit from playing sports. Studies have shown that the mental, physical, and emotional health of children improves when they play sports. Sports can help children relieve stress, grow stronger muscles and bones, and develop critical social skills that will carry them into adulthood. A 2015 study by the Nova Scotia Finance and Treasury Board found that 22.4 per cent of youth in Nova Scotia were overweight and 14.9 per cent we’re obese. By providing every child with access to sports, FUNSports hopes to improve the wellbeing of our youth and the future health of our province.

Meet Our Founder

Dave Green is the president and founder of FUNSports. Originally from Newfoundland, Dave moved to Halifax to pursue a degree in Recreation Management from Dalhousie. The idea for FUNSports came to him after years of providing sporting opportunities for his nephews. He noticed that the young boys had an intense interest in sport, but sometimes experienced barriers to participating in local minor programs. Thus the idea of FUNSports was born. Soon, Dave’s nephews and many of the youth in their neighbourhood were engaging in a variety of sports learning from the best coaches in the city.

Board Of Directors

Dave Green

Founder and President

Evan Williams

Vice President

Penny Carte


Denise Thompson


Tina Hiscock

Recording Secretary

Marvin Okello

Director of Coaching

Catherine Grant

Director of Therapy

Sabrina Hum

Community Outreach Coordinator, Mulgrave Park


We hope that you will join us in our mission to give every child in Nova Scotia the opportunity to play.